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Dear VFS Selling Points Participants,

The Volvo Financial Services (VFS) Selling Points program is one of the key components of the VFS experience. designed to show our appreciation for the opportunity to provide your customers with their finance and leasing needs.

Another key benefit is the packaging of Volvo CE products with finance and other value added services like CSA's. This packaging enhances the Volvo value proposition and focuses customers on a complete package that meets their business needs.

VFS Selling Points enables you to build a "bank" of reward points and redeem them for a wide selection of merchandise, including items for the home, electronics. travel. sports and recreation. Points are based on volume financed with VFS.

Your VFS District Finance Manager can answer any questions you have regarding additional program details.

Thank you for your continued business and support.



Mike Rankin
Vice President, U.S. Construction Financial Services

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